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Three Weeks On!

It is now just three weeks since we left Ewell Monastery. It has been a busy time for both Tim and myself. Tim had a settled lodging to go to from which he can go out to London University, and that has gone very well for him. I have had to set up this small two roomed house on the outskirts of Cambridge and that has taken all of the three weeks, as well as making contacts in the University. It is quiet and peaceful and here I can continue the life of worship and prayer as well as go out to meet people in Cambridge.

Re-locating can, we were told, be a stressful time! Well, it has been tiring but because we both have our commitment in the gospel and our tradition of integrated Cistercian living in Christ, perhaps it has not been as traumatic as it could have been for someone who, say, was going to another job. Although Ewell is now far behind us - even after three weeks - what we did there, and what we became in Christ, has come with us to our new location. As we move forward into what we have both called the 'New Life' it will become even more apparent that the actual life of Ewell was the spirit of the Lord moving between us and all who came to share our life and worship in the past 38 years.

When there is time - shortly! - I shall be re-designing this particular web site so that I can put letters and material on in succession and enable you to look back over the months as we did with the monastery site.

© Aelred Arnesen

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