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Surpassing Beauty ...

... but the flower
will fade and decay.
Alone, another Spring,
and another, might
just make the great
achievement of beauty

For us
there is greater hope.
From childhood
to maturity of humanness
there is the desire
to excel ~
to be fruitful

to bear to others
the message of beauty,
of love surpassing
all joys
and sorrows,
and the loss
of all hope.

Hope lies
in human movement
with and towards others ~
the dancer and the musician
crossing the divide
that separates us
one from another

the father
running to kiss
the approaching
prodigal, younger son.
Jesus, son of Mary,
being anointed
by a woman from the street.

Jesus, the anointed one
of the Father,
achieving the perfection of love,
for every woman & man,
- through obedient generosity -
surpassing all splendour and beauty
fulfilling our every desire and longing.

Copyright © Aelred Arnesen

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