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Springing into Life

-'Twould be churlish to deny this moment
when earth and air conspire
to quicken the pulse - the pace
of the avifauna - as they leap into the air
gathering twigs for nesting
and the flora putting on new clothes
for the opening of the season.

For while homo sapiens may be engaged
in household chores, the children and the cats,
or even the wherewithal to make a living,
there are the seemingly automatic changes
in our surroundings and the magic
of a new feeling - even in the air -
when everything is Springing!

Everything? - hardly ourselves,
perhaps feeling out of tune with ourselves -
when maybe it is not only ennui
but the dreaded feeling of being out of touch
with everything - accidie.
It is nothing new - we are not perfect
but beautiful, fragile women and men.

History has been hard on us.
Religious thinkers, absorbed in texts
considered to be literal words of the divine,
fastened on us the stain - engraved in our persons -
of hauteur, despicable disobedience
to the creator of all - SIN - to be constantly renounced
by Christians in fear of judgement.

Jesus came into Galilee without mention
of the dread word of stain from our original forebears;
but calling everyone to 'turn round' - repent -
towards the Father;
as in his familiar story of the returning wayward son
who, before he apologised to his father,
was forgiven, kissed, received in love.

Like the birds, springing up in flight
through response to their needs of the moment -
our groundedness can be conquered
through our continual facing towards
the Christ who is the source of new living.
So we shall constantly be springing -
into love within ourselves and towards all.

© Aelred Arnesen

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