Be Transformed!

It is August - the time for holidaying with those who have young families. For the monastery, among other things, it is a month of festivals, primarily the feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus.
In the presence of three of his closest friends, Jesus was transfigured. The gospel says his face shone and his clothes took on a sheen of light. It was not a way out from the future awaiting him. On the contrary, Jesus was transfigured in a consciousness of the decision he had taken - to go to Jerusalem in witness to the kingdom of the Father, and there almost certainly to be apprehended and killed. It was an experience of the ever present love of him whom Jesus called 'Father'. At the time, the three disciples, Peter, James and John were overawed with fear. One of the recurring phrases on the lips of Jesus in his ministry with the disciples was, 'Have no fear.' St Paul who must often have known real fear when faced with frightening punishments, was yet able to write, 'Be transformed in the renewal of your mind'. For us who have become Jesus' disciples, the Transfiguration of Jesus assures us of the real hope given to us through him as we make important decisions in our lives as Christians. One of the dreams of most people is that their own lives, and that of their families, might be transformed - from poverty to riches, from drudgery to leisure, from ignorance to being among the wise, or just from unhappiness to joyful living. In Jesus we are called to be transformed through our acceptance of the challenge to follow him on the Way. Through his grace we shall be able to overcome the fears we shall certainly meet in our daily lives.

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