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Life in the Spirit!

It is often assumed that life in the Spirit must be something mysterious, even weird! - something that the 'enthusiasts' have but not the generality of humankind. Are we, most of us, then, simply mundane, materialistic creatures? One answer to that would be to look around one at this time of the year in the UK. It is the real beginning of summer - as in the pictures above - and the display of colours is truly amazing. Nothing mundane about those! But of course, they are inanimate. We are sensory beings and can live on different levels of life, depending on many and various circumstances. But that is a plus for us and if taken to a point of meaning for ourselves and for those around us, then there is something more than just the existence we lead, day in and day out.
It is just at that point of desire for 'more' to life that the life of Christ becomes essential to us. We can read of the spiritual dimension of lives like his but for some exceptional reason his life, ending in a freely accepted death and followed by the vindication that the early Christians experienced, was extraordinary. In his life, according to the reports we have in the gospels, Jesus was a man possessed by the spirit of love as well as of reason and compassion and understanding. There is a sense in which we all share the fruits of Jesus' life. He called it the rule or kingdom of God which he began in his life so that he could share it with everyone. But if we specially wish to respond fully to him, as disciples of him, as Christians in deed as well as in name, then he fills us with his Spirit. Our response will be in worship and in life.
Life in the Spirit? Yes. That is both possible and wonderful!

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