Easter 2002

Easter in the UK this year has coincided with a beautiful burst of Spring weather.( In the UK, the weather is a daily preoccupation!) In fact the temperature is almost like summer at 18-20 degrees C. But the lack of leaf on the trees belies this summer feeling. However the birds bring in the dawn with a shattering chorus and the Spring flowering shrubs and flowers are truly paradisaical.

Easter is of course the new Paradise! The message of the good news of the gospel is that in his life and death and subsequent vindication by the Father Jesus opened for us the dominion of God, or kingdom as it is more usually called.. But it is a kingdom quite unlike the ones we read about in history. God enables us to be sharers in the love and obedience of his Son, Christ the Lord. Paul has a vision of this kingdom extending to all creation. He wrote,"For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God." For in Christ we are all sons of God through faith and commitment, waiting in hope for the gathering in of all peoples into the fulness of the dominion of God. So, in Christ we daily cry in worship and thanksgiving - Alleluia!

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