As I write, it has been a perfect Spring day today, January 27th, with temperatures of 17 degrees C! But all the signs are that we shall be returning to winter in a day or two. However, it is right to be hopeful at the beginning of a new year.
It may be said that hope is not in great supply in the world situation today with the rumours of war and destructive agencies on the prowl worldwide. But hope as a Christian attitude can look evil in the eye, as Christ did, even when being on the point of being put to death. That is no comfort to those who are suffering or to those who are bereaved of a loved one. And yet this inescapable dilemma of humankind, that we are living in an imperfect society, can be resolved only by seeing in Jesus Christ the way God looks at us and shares with us in the nothingness of suffering and evil.
Jesus was concerned to respond to all who came to him in need - it wasn't his primary concern to work 'miracles' but his attitude to all was to share the love of the Father which he knew in his own life. It is important for us that Jesus' life, given so freely to others, was vindicated by God who resurrected him. There is hope for all - really all and not just church folk - in this revelation of the love and power of God to bring everything to perfection ultimately. How, we do not understand. But to have this faith is a well-spring of hope which brings forth love in the coldest and darkest point of human conflict.

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