Suddenly you look up and all the trees and shrubs are in full bloom! The candles on the horsechestnut and the white may, the cowslips and the honeysuckle! Of course it has been happening gradually over the past two weeks but then there is suddenly the moment when you take it all in and it is breathtaking!

Something like that happens at moments in life when the reality of God at work in the world becomes palpable. It may be an encounter with someone or an event into which you are taken up without foresight or foreknowledge. For a Christian these moments of disclosure have a special poignancy for they strengthen the bonds of relationship between the person and the living Lord Christ.

Christian worship and prayer are generally times when we are most aware of our commitment to Christ and the space just to be with the Lord is a very special privilege. But it is in daily living that the gospel comes to the fulness of disclosure as it did with Jesus during his own life.

One can reflect on various incidents in Jesus' life that were recorded - his baptism, the numerous healings, the meals he had with his disciples and the outcast, and also the confrontations with evil - and see how the kingdom of God which he was bringing into being was being disclosed, event by event, but also in his whole relationship with the Father.

It is through Jesus' commitment to the Father in his life and death that we are able to believe that there is an ongoing revelation of the power of love and reconciliation of God open to us all in our everyday circumstances.

Suddenly we see the Wonder - a Eureka moment! Alleluia!

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