lime treeYou may have noticed that in all of these occasional letters there has been a definite bias. A bias which refuses to accept that Christian life can be considered apart from normal everyday living. Wherever that has happened the Christian witness becomes less than true. For the gospel which reveals to us the lineaments of the man Christ refuses to divorce him from the ordinary affairs of life. He is hungry, he is tired, he relishes being at a wedding feast where the wine is flowing. He faces continual opposition from both his family and his compatriots in Galilee. His final betrayal by a friend and the consequent torture, mock trial and terrible death show us the realism of his convictions and his mission. The reality of his life and death show him to be indeed the Son of him whom he called Father. His life is Spirit to all who follow him and that is all they need. No 'spirituality' as commonly advertised by present day gurus but the Spirit of Christ enters into us causing us, too, to call God 'Father' and to become witnesses of the new life that is in the vindicated Jesus, the Christ.

Whenever Christianity has been tempted to ignore the spiritual that is in man, through Jesus, it has almost always decided to make Christian faith into a hard and fast logical conundrum. Law takes over from Spirit and entices our humanness to opt for the less adventuress, less truthful way of seeing life. The gold of the gospel has then turned to lead - Christian leaders turn into dictators and and churches engage in persecution and warfare. Christianity has a terrible history of mad bigotry.stream

So, it is to the inspired that we turn for truth, not only in the Christian faith but also in the human adventures of music, art and literature. And inspiration is something that cannot be said to be under the control of the lawyers and dogmatists. For 'where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom'.

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