Winter 1999

The leaves have all been swept up and the grass cut for the last time ready for the winter. Everything takes on a different aspect. Trees pointing into the sky with bare fingers. Winter flowering shrubs like this one here scenting the air around it. In the Northern European climate the seasons have always been essentially useful times of recuperative change.

Of course, with modern equipment, we beat the seasons and anticipate the onset of the Spring light by sowing tomatoes in the depth of Winter. Here you see our tomato seedlings irradiated with light to supplement the weak daylight outside the greenhouse.

It is obvious, of course, that the seasons have provided the backdrop to the changing commemorations of the Christian church throughout the year. Christmas, preceded by Advent, at the beginning of Winter is followed by the Epiphany. Then as the Spring peeps uncertainly out of the wintry clouds, Lent precedes the great festival of Easter. There is, however, a cautionary side to this annual round of celebrations following the seasons. For Christianity is all about the person of Jesus in whom God is known by us today as others have known him throughout the centuries. It is, in fact, Easter all the year round from the point of view of Christian faith. There is something to ponder over Christmas!!!

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