Spring 2000

These pictures show how Spring is about to burst upon us here in the UK. Perhaps not all at once, as February has still to run its course and can be very wintry. But the sun is gaining in strength and our tomato plants(which you can see on our tomato site) are revelling in the increased light and warmth from the sun.
We have been cheered, too, by the many emails we have had in response to our web site. It is encouraging that there are people who can empathise with the Christian monastic way of life. It has to be said, of course, that many people have had enough of 'religion' too! For one reason or another they are pleased to tell you that they can get on very well without God. A great deal of this is due to the caricacture of God that many people have inherited. God is the god of battles of the Old Testament!
It may be said that the monk today has perhaps the best chance of anyone to set the record right. He is not engaged in any of the institutional setups of the mainline churches. His life and work, worship and prayer set him apart, enabling the gospel to be received through the pores, as it were, without too much doctrinal argument and explanation.
There are many others, of course, who have followed the truth that can be seen in Jesus and have lived it out in our world and sometimes paid with their lives for such a single-minded commitment.

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