The End of an Era!

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1973 to

It seems appropriate that the photographs with this last letter should show the dismantling of the tomato growing equipment in our glasshouse rather than the beautiful colours of the trees and shrubs in the grounds of the monastery. Growing tomatoes for the market has enabled our whole life of worship, prayer and reading and the receiving of guests to be grounded in reality. This particular Cistercian integration of Christian faith and commitment remains a valuable way of life for many. But the lack of young recruits also raises questions as to the future for many communities. We have 'done our bit' here and it has been a great joy to us and an encouragement to all who have been in touch with us as guests or through the medium of the internet.

Thank you for continuing with us through the years we have had this web site. We have gained many friends and perhaps we have been able to share something of our way of life and faith with you too.

Aelred is going to live in Cambridge,UK and Tim is going to London University. We look forward to embracing a whole new way of living but we shall be carrying with us our theological faith and commitment to Christ. Wish us well!

The web site will continue as an archive site and there will be a link to Aelred's new site where he will continue to share any insight that may come his way. The URL address will be the same. So keep on looking up your favourite photos and letters!

Alleluia! Easter is every day! Alleluia!


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