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Christian worship is the expression of our common discipleship in Christ shared by Christians throughout the world. It is a great joy! The monastic community is greatly privileged to be able to make this the centre of its daily life throughout the year.

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Ewell Monastery



From Vigils at the start of the day at 4.30 a.m. the words of the psalms and lessons provide the underlying contact with the irreplaceable record of the Jewish people and our own Christian revelation. The daily Eucharist is celebrated at the altar with everyone in the ‘round’ participating. The Offices of Terce, Sext, None & Vespers punctuate the rest of the day with praise and prayer.

Vigils, prayer, reading

Eucharist then breakfast, followed by Terce and then work

Sext followed by dinner, followed by reading and/or siesta

1.55 pm None followed by work until 3.30 and a cup of tea. Then reading/chores

4.45 pm Vespers followed by supper and reading/chores

7.45 pm Compline and then retire