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Ewell Monastery



The growing of tomatoes for the market is a realistic work that brings us into the right sort of relationship with the world of commerce and science and the markets and shops.

It earths our discipleship and prayer. Cistercians have always tried to have a work that enables them to share in the common basic work of most people. This is a manual work that has been enhanced by the modern computer revolution.

All the details that make for the efficiency of the crop, such as heating and ventilation are controlled by computer as well as many other finer aspects of the growing cycle. Some of the 12 tons we produce each season are sold locally but most go to a wholesaler who distributes them throughout Kent.

tomato rows
tomatoes for market
Sweeping leaves

The garden and buildings have also to be cared for and the cooking and indoor work also occupy our time of work, depending upon the weather.

Cooking and washing up
Screening loganberries