The Final Picks!

These photographs were taken about three weeks ago showing how the plants were lowered to about 6 feet to enable us to pick off the remaining trusses. Now we are in the last week of picking with three more picks left which should bring us up to 11 tons total. As you see from the close up of the trusses the fruit is large and, so far, the quality is really quite good. It is always a problem stopping the plants in late June at the last eight trusses because the plants are still very vigourous and the weather is becoming more problematical at night with humidity levels rising in the glasshouse. Fruit quality is what the tomato growing business is all about.
So it has been a reasonably good growing season, after the rain cleared away in late Spring and the light got better. The other part of the story, the economics, has been fairly disastrous. The market price for tomatoes in a 6 kilo box dropped to 2.80 in May and it has remained there ever since. This means that we shall have no profit from this crop at all! All that we can take hope from is that we shall not have to pay any tax! But we are always encouraged with our tomatoes because local people always tell us that they are the best tasting tomatoes in the world! That is blowing our own trumpet! - but they are actually tasty and we shall be sad when we cannot have them anymore for supper after the end of this month.
Growers always look to the next season if the present one has been bad - optimists everyone of us. It is more than governments can understand because all that they seem to be concerned with is that food should be cheap - which in today's world is a fairy tale, particularly if you have heavy capital costs just to maintain the crop at the right temperature. But there we are. We wish you good luck if you are growing tomatoes in the garden this autumn or in a small greenhouse. The ones you grow always taste best!

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