Tomatoes, 2003

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The trusses have begun to ripen but most are still green like the photograph above. We have sampled the first tomatoes and can recommend their superb taste! The season has begun for us. Out in the glasshouse by 0745 British Summer Time and getting the work done in just over an hour before the sun, if there is going to be any sun, has hit the glasshouse. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays picking fruit, Tuesday and Thursday trimming the plants and twisting, and Saturday taking off the surplus leaves at the bottom of each plant. It is not too arduous a week but we have many other things to do in the monastery apart from the glasshouse work.
It is still too early to know what the market is going to do this year. A large firm of tomato growers were suffering financial problems last year and have got rid of a large percentage of their acreage. Just keep us in mind as we press on through the coming season!

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