May Tomatoes 2003

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So far we have picked 2.23 tonnes of tomatoes in the first five weeks. At the moment we are getting a quantity of small tomatoes through a bad set some weeks ago. But there are quite a few good trusses to come in the next few weeks. The price started off fairly reasonably at 7 for 6 kilos - although in the 'old days' that would have been 9! - but that has soon been dissipated by market forces. It is ironic that the market standard price should be set by tomatoes coming into the country! The horticulture industry in the UK is treated very often as the Cinderella of the larger farming sector to the extent that some government committees have not even heard that there is such a thing as horticulture in this country. It has ever been so! Those who grow in the glasshouse sector have always done so because it is a sort of vocation - in the blood, so to speak. As a very small unit we can vouch for the fact that it is a work in which the growers take great pride in producing quality food. Keep us in mind as we get on with the crop in the next four months!

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