June Tomatoes 2003

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You may have seen our notice on the home monastery page at the link: IMPORTANT Read Now! - that the community will be closing in the Spring of 2004. There are only two of us here and it is time to bring our community life to a good conclusion while we both have energy! One of us is 78 and the other 38. So this will be our last tomato season. It has been very enjoyable, if sometimes exhausting and frustrating, growing tomatoes for the market. Prices have always been volatile and in recent years the extension of the import market has virtually killed the market for smaller growers like ourselves.
Up to now we have picked four and three quarter tonnes; quite a lot to come before we finish in mid August. We shalll still be posting to this web site until everything has been wound up. So keep in touch and wish us good luck in the future!

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