Crop 2000 Flowering

It is now February 2nd and our tomato plants are just over two months old and one meter high! It is beautiful and sunny today and the glasshouse has reached 28 degrees C with the sun. Some of the trusses are setting tomatoes. We must hope that this is a good omen as there has not been a great deal of light intensity since Christmas. Already the plants are throwing out shoots at every joint and today we have begun ‘frisking’ them of all shoots. Next week we shall be in the regular routine of twisting and taking out the top shoot. The plants are very sturdy and now grow 3 cms a day which is the usual rate of growth throughout the season. Until we start picking in the third week of March the NFT solution is kept at a high conductivity so as to keep the plants in balance while the first trusses set. We have one drawback on our site. At this time of the year the sun is still low in the sky and so it disappears at 3.0 pm behind our church! We are better off in the morning as we get all the first light from sunrise onwards. Tomato growers are at the mercy of the light!
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