Reaching the wires at a foot a week!

Sown on November 26th and planted on December 18th we have begun to pick the first ripe fruit on March 26th. We are now into the full, regular operations of picking, twisting, de-shooting and leaf removal. As you can see, the plants are looking very healthy with full trusses up the plant to the sixth truss. It looks as if the sixth or seventh truss has not set properly on some plants where there has not been enough light to provide sufficient pollen. But there, we are at the mercy of the weather! All in all we look to have some good picks in the next month and hopefully the price in the market will reflect the quality of these tomatoes. But that is not in our hands either! We are glad to grow this fruit which is welcomed by the villages around us in Kent but it is a great gamble as to how much we get for the crop.

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