Lowered for the last picks!

The end of a tomato crop always seems a sort of betrayal of this king of fruits! Inevitably the plants look tired, if not a little jaded, with all the weight they have carried in the past few months. And to add insult to injury they have had to be topped and all shoots ruthlessly pulled out to prevent the crop starting a life of its own. Left to itself, when the heads have been taken out, about five weeks before the last pick is expected, the plants will shoot everywhere and create a little jungle. Fortunately, at the moment, the fruit is still good. Sometimes when the growth has been rudely stopped, the fruits begin to split and go rough. July is the time of greater humidity and with higher outdoor temperatures havoc can be wreaked at night if there is not sufficient pipe heat on in the glasshouse and also the vents a crack open. The glasshouse computer programme takes care of all this and generally manages to keep the humidity within reasonable levels.
It has been a difficult season for everyone here in the UK as the weather has been dull and wet when there should have been sunshine and lots of light. This is something we cannot change despite the well-wishers who point to the mediaeval understanding of the control of weather by religious magic! Now we shall soon have a break from our labours. It is always very rewarding to have grown a good crop even if the yield is not up to the mark. As one of our commercial-wise friends remarked, ' Less yield means less income and therefore less tax to pay!' Thank you for following with us this season. We hope to be back again when we sow the seed at the end of November.

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