Tomato Crop 2001

We sowed the Espero tomato seed in our propagating house on November 24th. By December 6th they were ready for potting up into the large blocks. The oil burner that kept our temperatures up to 23 degrees C can be seen on the right.

On December 15th we transferred all the plants to our main glasshouse and yesterday they were all planted in the troughs with nutrients ready for them to regain the correct moisture content. As you see from the photographs they are sturdy young plants and we hope that they may give us a good yield, starting about March 25th.
Unfortunately a major crisis has just occurred as I write! The main boiler has sprung a leak and we have to rely on the emergency gas air heater to keep the temperature up. It will do it OK but it is free blowing and there will not be the steady warmth at trough level which the plants need. All growers find that, amazingly, crises occur either at weekends or during national holidays! - and today is Sunday! We shall have to see if we can get the right persons to help us put the boiler right. Spare us a thought. Maybe by the time you read this we will be flashed up again and the plants may not have suffered too much.

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