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Ewell Monastery Growers


Planting in this system is also swift - the plants are simply placed in the troughs and we can plant out, and have the system running, in three hours. Carbon dioxide enrichment is necessary all through the season. Before the vents open in the Spring, as soon as the sun comes out, one can see how the plants immediately begin taking up CO2 when the two gas burners switch on automatically. The computer monitors every change in the glasshouse environment and so maintains an optimum and efficient use of fuel.

growing plants
twisting plants
planted in troughs
planting out

We grow the variety ‘ESPERO’ which is a good size, round tomato suitable for a glasshouse that hasn’t got high level gutters. The plants are spaced 14 inches apart in 22 rows each about 60 feet long.

Click image to see computer equipment.

Wind, light and rain sensors